Interview with Stacey Stone, host of Family Life Radio

Christian radio show host, Stacey Stone

Christian radio show host, Stacey Stone

My Metropolicks co-author, Felicia Lin and I were recently interviewed by Christian radio show host Stacey Stone. In the interview we talked about everything from what inspired the book to who wrote what and how The Journey Church is a part of the storyline. All this talk about New York made Stacey reminisce about the eight years that she lived in New York and how she used to attend The Journey. She even shared a "Metropolicks" moment that she and her husband actually experienced one day on the way to church! 

Listen to the full interview by clickingHERE

And if you'd like to actually READ some of Metropolicks, visit our 30 Days of Metropolicks tab, where you can read 30 chapters of the book.

Posted on October 14, 2015 .

August 16th: Indian Independence Day Parade

Had fun networking at the Indian Independence Day Parade where I met and posed with Miss Bollywood, Miss India New York and several other Indian beauty contest winners.  Also met up with sexy friend Angie Vu Ha at the parade.  Always a pleasure spending time with Angie. :-)

Posted on October 4, 2015 .

August 5, 2015: Sharing is Caring

HUGE THANKS to  Peter Yang Zhao, who's taken it upon himself to become our "unofficial" reviewer of the 30 Days of Metropolicks on Facebook. Peter has been keeping up with us since his comments on the the first chapter we shared, A Good Man is Hard to Find but a Hard Man is a Good Find. On August 5th we started sharing Peter's daily commentary on the Metropolicks blog. You can read the first chapter of the 30 Days of Metropolicks HERE.

NOTE: A Good Man is Hard to Find but a Hard Man is a Good Find was posted on July 5, 2015.


Here's a photo of Peter looking very dapper!

Here's Peter's comments on the chapter A Good Man is Hard to Find but a Hard Man is a Good Find, which started it all. 

Posted on October 4, 2015 .

The 30 Days of Metropolicks Campaign launches July 4th!

What's the 30 Days of Metropolicks?

It's exactly what it sounds like- for 30 days we'll be sharing something related to the romantic comedy novel, Metropolicks. Every day we will be sharing a chapter of Metropolicks. You'll get to meet the characters of the book and to see what's inside. Learn more about the 30 Days of Metropolicks campaign 

Posted on October 4, 2015 .

June 8, 2015: PEN Literary Awards Reception

At the 2015 PEN Literary Awards reception, Metropolicks co-authors Felicia Lin and Victor Scott Rodriguez showed their support for the right to freedom of expression.

 Felicia and Victor were honored to help support the release of jailed journalist Khadija Ismayilova. Khadija was arrested on trumped up charges for exposing corruption in Azerbaijan. To learn more visit:

Posted on October 4, 2015 .

METROPOLICKS at the 8th Annual Love Actually Short Film Showcase

February 14, 2015: On Valentine's Day, Felicia Lin and I were invited to emcee the 8th Annual Love Actually International Short Film Showcase and photos have posted on this website here: and on the Metropolicks Facebook page.

The event takes place annually on Valentine's Day and features short films on the subject of love and relationships. This year's films also touched upon topics ranging from terminal illness to the porn industry and of course there were tales of love in all different forms- imagined love, unrequited love, first love, and forbidden love.

TWO new Metropolicks Valentine's Day themed videos premiered at the event.  And they can now be seen on our YouTube channel


Posted on February 24, 2015 .